Dental Extractions in Statesboro, GA

You and Dr. Ronald Tosto may decide that you need an extraction to treat any number of conditions. In some cases, a tooth is decayed or damaged beyond repair. Other times the advanced gum disease is the reason. Even more, our dentist in Statesboro, GA, may remove one or more poorly positioned teeth. We also remove teeth to prepare for orthodontic treatment.

The loss of just one tooth can lead to difficulty chewing, shifting teeth, and jaw joint issues. In the end, these problems can rob you of your oral health.

In most cases, Dr. Tosto will discuss the available options with you. The goal is always to find a way to save your natural smile. But that is not always possible or the most effective solution. When tooth removal near you is part of your treatment plan, the next step will be tooth replacement. Call us today to find out more.

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The Tooth Removal Process

Dr. Tosto will start the process by applying a local anesthetic to the treatment area. Then the affected tooth, gums, and jaw bone are all numbed.

You may feel a great deal of pressure during the procedure. To extract the tooth, it must be rocked back and forth to expand the socket. Then the tooth can be gently removed.

All you should experience is pressure, no pain due to the anesthetic. The nerves should not transmit any pain, but if you feel any discomfort, please alert us right away.

Sectioning a Tooth

Sometimes a tooth is anchored so firmly in the socket it can’t be lifted out easily. The root might be curved, not allowing the socket to widen enough for removal. In these cases, sectioning is required. Dr. Ronald Tosto divides the tooth into separate pieces that are removed individually.

So, if you need a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all of your teeth extracted, we can handle the job at Ronald A. Tosto DDS & Associates. Every extraction is performed under local anesthesia, but other levels of sedation can be added if needed. Your comfort is always a top priority at our dental practice in Statesboro, GA.

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