Root Canal Therapy in Statesboro, GA

Contrary to popular belief, receiving root canal therapy isn’t painful. Instead, it helps eliminate pain. Modern dentistry including sedation density has made receiving root canal treatment at Ronald A. Tosto DDS & Associates just as easy and comfortable as getting a filling. Dr. Ronald Tosto has vast knowledge and experience in performing root canal treatments.

We have helped patients salvage their infected or damaged teeth and stop the pain they have been having. A dentist in Statesboro, GA, should establish the patient’s need for a root canal. A proper exam is required to see that root canal therapy in Statesboro, GA, is the right procedure for the patient.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

Root canal treatment in Statesboro, GA, is a procedure dentists use to treat a tooth infected by bacteria or damaged by injury. It is preferred when the pulp is dead or has deteriorated. Often, bacteria will enter deep in a tooth via cracks or cavities.

Damage to the teeth from a previous dental procedure can also necessitate root canal therapy. Moreover, a chip in the tooth, or when a cavity remains untreated for a long time could result in tooth decay, which may progress to attack the pulp region.

Root Canal Therapy Details

A root canal therapy in Statesboro, GA, follows these steps:

  • A dentist near you numbs the tooth, helping prevent any pain. Pain is the biggest worrying thing about receiving root canals but with anesthesia, it is eliminated.
  • The dentist opens the crowns to access the inner pulp
  • The infected, dead, or damaged pulp tissue is removed, and the area of root canals is shaped and cleaned.
  • The dentist fills the canals and seals the tooth
  • You may later on get a crown placement if needed.

After a Root Canal Treatment

Once you receive your root canal, you have your bite function restored since the tooth was not removed. You will, however, need to maintain high hygiene levels to ensure the root canal treatment lasts long. Contact Ronald A. Tosto DDS & Associates if you have a bad toothache or serious decay. Upon evaluation, Dr. Ronald Tosto will determine whether you need root canal therapy near you.

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